Let’s face it, mistakes are a given when many details are provided to complete a specific task. Especially, when it involves different people coming together to complete this task, and information changing hands so rapidly. We’d like to think that we have a very organized system, but every once in a while information tends to slide through the cracks.  


Here at K&B Promotions, we know sometimes there are differences of vision. The best way to avoid these mistakes from happening is to send layouts out for approval. This allows for the customer to see exactly how their shirt is going to look and if anything needs to be update before production. This allows for the customer to see if they like the text, colors, and fonts of their design.  With the layout, we want to be sure that we share the same vision of the customer’s design before the shirts are even put into production.

Layouts actually go further than just getting the customer’s approval. Our production team use the same layouts to know exactly how the shirts need to be customized. They also use the layouts to keep track of which orders are to be produced next.


We send our layouts in PDF. Form and attach it to an email allowing you to open on your smart phone, tablet, or computer. We generally say something like this:

“Hello, this is _______from K and B Promotions.  I am the graphic designer responsible for the layout on your order.  Can you please review the attached layout and confirm the spelling is accurate and the colors are as we discussed.

Please reply back with an approval so we can move your order to production.  Once approved, your order should be completed within a couple of days.  Our Customer Service Team will contact you as soon as the order is complete.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.  I hope you have a wonderful day!”

After the email is sent, we will either get a response saying to proceed and then we begin production, or the customer will tell us what changes need to be made and we change it accordingly. Once the changes have been made, we send an updated layout until we get a final approval.


The actually layout (as pictured above) contains a title line, shirt example, and location of imprint. In the title line, we normally write the actual ink color, the shirt style and color, and quantity of shirts. The shirt example normally shows the style of shirt (ex. Tank top, short sleeve, long sleeve), the shirt color, and the location of the imprint. Above the shirt example, we also confirm the imprint location (i.e. full front, left chest, full back, etc.).

We take pride in creating layouts for customers because it feels like were keeping them in the loop during the whole process. We’re making sure everything is exactly how they imagined. With that being said, we ask that the customer really reads over their layout and makes sure everything is as discussed during the ordering process.