Give it up for our Direct to Garment printer, making it possible to fulfill low quantity orders for an affordable price

Things you need to know for D2G printing

  • Unfortunately, we are unable to print white ink with our D2G printer. With that being said, we can only print onto lighter garment shirts. Any white in your design, if not altered by the design team, will be the color of the shirt. If you would like white in the design, it is best to use a white shirt.
  • D2G is ideal for short runs between 1-50 pieces. However, if necessary and artwork permitting, we can run up to 1,000 pieces with multiple colors.
  • D2G is ideal for printing plenty of colors. For example, photos, drawings, or anything requiring multiple colors. This is because unlike screen printing, we don’t have to create a screen for every color in the design.

The Process

  1. D2G is a shorter name for direct to garment printing. The D2G process begins with a vector file. Any adjustments that need to be made, need to be made at this time. Before we print the shirts, we create a layout of exactly how the shirt will come out. Also, we have to make sure the sizes and placements are appropriate to the work order. Once approved, we can transfer the artwork to our computer hooked up to the D2G printer, and prepare the file to be sent to the printer.

2. While we wait for the computer to set up, we can make sure the heat press is turned on and around 350 degrees. Also, we can aligned the shirt onto the t shirt platform and make sure the sides are tucked underneath to allow for a flat, smooth surface to print on.

3. Next, the printer will ring letting us know that it has received the artwork and is ready to print. If everything is in place, we can now press the print button and get the shirt started.

4. The final step is to carefully remove the shirt from the platform, and place it onto the heat press. Heat press the shirt for 30 seconds to dry the ink, and then the shirt is complete.