Refresh. Redesign. Recreate.

Are you tired of your logo? Are sales not through the roof? Is it time for a change?

With 2018 here, what better time to carry out change then now!
A very common misconception with rebranding and updating a logo is thinking that you are changing your entire brand. Some may even think that once you choose a logo, you are stuck with that logo forever! Think of rebranding as a personal makeover. Getting a haircut, getting a tan, or changing your entire wardrobe, etc.
A brand refresh will still keep an overall look at how the logo looked before, but with a little touch of today’s relevant styles. Most of the time, you don’t want to change your entire logo and concept. All you need to do is a few adjustments to adapt to the changes that have occurred over time.

Why we decided to redesign at K&B Promotions…

With 2018 here, K&B Promotions has clearly defined the goals we aspire to accomplish this year. We decided that we wanted to create more t-shirts not only for our crew but for our loyal customers as well. This all starts with unique designs that we want to wear proudly and pass out to our loyal clients too. One thing we were adamant about, was making a more simplistic design that also embodies what we do. We also decide to promote our new slogan, “Printing Peace of Mind”. What better way to do this then making awesome t-shirt designs and freshen up our wardrobe to start off the year!

Different types of ReDesigning:

Refreshing: When refreshing a logo, you are simply keeping the same design and colors just changing the overall look. Whether that be making the logo more modern or simplifying it. Most people want to refresh their logo to make it more hip with whats popular during that time period. In most cases, when people see your refreshed logo, they will still be able to recognize who you are and realize that you’ve freshened up your logo. Refreshing your brand while still retaining a visual recognition is the goal.
Adding: Sometimes the logo is fine, you just want to add wording or maybe some symbolic color. In this case, the logo will stay the same but some additions will be made to it. Maybe over time, you came up with a fancy slogan or motto that you want represented with your logo to attract more customers. This is when adding would be a good idea.
Rebranding: Rebranding occurs when you are looking to change up a logo completely. Maybe your old logo is just outdated and you want a fresh start all together. Rebranding allows you to create a whole new logo and re-introduces it to your audience. A brand new logo normally comes along with revised messaging, reinvented visual systems, and a transformed marketing program to launch the organization forward.

Is rebranding for you?

Before you get started in the process you need to know that the rebranding process is not a simple or quick task. Surprisingly It requires time, effort, an acute attention to detail, and a deep dive into who you are now and who you want to be in the future. If you think this is something you are ready to take on, talk to us about a brand refresh or brand redesign at 817-548-0806.