Fan gear, jerseys, spirit wear, and field day shirts

Where did the summer go? With August approaching, we know schools are gearing up their booster clubs to get ready for the upcoming school year. We know this can be a very stressful time for parents, teachers, board members, etc., but we would like you to know that we are here to help. Whether it is for a field day, sporting events, or spirit wear, K&B Promotions has got you covered.


We know that ideas can come in many forms, and when you have a good idea it may be hard to jot it down. Don’t worry, our graphic designers can take any idea you may have and turn it into vector art. Maybe you found images online that inspired you, we can help with that. Maybe you just can’t seem to come up with an idea for a particular shirt, well we can come up with something for you as well. Something we’ve learned is that a lot of great school designs are already out there somewhere. What’s important is changing things up and making it a little more personal to the specific school.


We understand that each and every school design has to be approved before production can go on. What we like to do is create layouts or mock ups showing exactly how the shirt will look, after we’ve created the vector art. This way you can see a sample of the shirt before we start production, and it gives you something to show to the board. Layouts also help if any changes need to be made before a board meeting. For example, when we know they have a board meeting that night; we will do everything in our power to get that layout perfect before the board meeting. Not only does it help the school so they can get it approved, but it helps us because the sooner it can get approved the more time we allow our Production Team to complete the order.


Another thing that’s important is being able to turnaround the work quickly. We know most activities have registration or summer tryouts, meaning shirts are needed before the first official day of school. Most of the time, we are aware of the deadline way in advance. However, what tends to happen is the approval process takes up most of the time. This means from the time it’s approved we would be lucky to have a week left to complete the order. Most orders where we help out with the design usually take around two weeks to complete (because of the artwork approval process). However, reorders of already approved designs can be printed often times in less than one week!!!


Everyone knows their are many different departments, clubs, and organizations in a school. Each department normally has their own designs that represent them. For example the band will have their own ideas and so will the football team. Another common thing is different color shirts. A good example of this is a volleyball team may want the freshman to have a certain color shirt, JV to have a different color shirt, and then varsity different as well. Perhaps, for Field Day, each grade or classroom is represented by a using different color shirt.


When designing school shirts you have to keep in mind what’s in style during that year. Is it neon colors or dark colors, distress look or normal? This is very important because keeping up with the current styles is how the products are going to get sold. Each and every year is going to be different. You can’t use something that was popular last year, thinking it’ll be the same this year. Staying up to date with the current trends is always going to be a positive. Please feel free to stop in and visit with our Team to discuss the different popular styles of shirts and designs today!