Attracting Customers is our largest struggle.

Let’s get to the bottom line: you need more customers.  After all, that’s how we grow our businesses.

People find us, they discover that we have something they like, and then they do business with us.

Would you be interested in hearing about an idea that would help?

Over the 13 years that K and B Promotions has been printing T-shirts, some of our customers have been getting new business with this method, and we just wanted to share it with you.

Promotional t-shirts can get you new customers! 

Are you asking yourself, “Does this really work?”

Don’t take our word for it, here’s an article about a Los Angeles company that reaped $980k just by giving away free T-shirts.

Just to let you know, they passed out a lot of T-shirts to get that much growth. But, our customers that have used this method have also seen measurable customer growth.

The way it works is really simple.

Anyone who has been in business for awhile knows that “word of mouth” advertising is the best.

painter-painting_workedHappy customers are the best advocates.

When a customer talks about your company, they are making a big statement, they are showing their trust and pride in your company.  And, what they say is taken more seriously and assumed to be correct and truthful.    

So, it only make sense that the more “word of mouth” advertising we get, the better it will be for our business.  Right?

What if you could nudge “word of mouth” advertising a bit?  You know, get the conversation started. Or, at the least, get the message across that you have a trustworthy company.

Promotional t-shirts help spread “word of mouth” advertising.

What is a customer broadcasting when they are wearing your t-shirt from your company? They are saying, “I like this company. I trust them, and proud to do business with them.” That’s powerful.

The act of wearing a t-shirt could be the conversation starter and attract new customers.  They see your customer wearing the t-shirt, notice that it’s related to something they are looking for, so they stop your customer to ask them about you.

But, even if they don’t stop your customer, they are still getting the message that you contact.firstname are trustworthy enough to do business with, because if your customer didn’t like you, then they wouldn’t be wearing your advertising.

Are you asking yourself, “That’s sounds great, but how often will this really happen?” So, let’s talk about that.

It is a numbers game. The more t-shirts you have out there, the greater the chance of getting “word of mouth” working in your favor.

And, the numbers are encouraging.

One promotional T-shirt is seen, on average, 2,450 times. Having one T-shirt out there might do you some good. But, if you had 100 T-shirt out in public, then your T-shirt will be seen close to a ¼ million times!

That’s 245,000 sets of eyes getting the message that you are a trustworthy company, that your customers are proud to do business with.  Are those odds good enough for you?

We’ll be honest with you, not every T-shirt has the same potential to get your message across.  But, we have you covered in that department. We have an in-house team of marketing and design professionals that are trained to help you create a T-shirt that will be worn and get you the best results.

So, you now know how T-shirts can help you find customers, and we have a question for you.

What message do you have for your new customers