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Design Studio

Design Studio

Feeling creative?

Use this tool to create the t-shirt design you want. You can save your work, and we can also get it printed up when you are done.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Help on how to use the Design Studio is located at the bottom of the page.

Need Help with the Design Studio?

The studio software is from a 3rd party vendor, and we have discovered that it can be buggy at time. Until we are able to provide a better solution, we have discovered some of the common things to help with creating the design. If you would prefer to have someone on our in-house graphics team work with you on the design, and bypass the studio, then give us a call at 817-548-0806. We would love to help.

The design grew, and the t-shirt disappeared! What do I do?

The studio zoomed the design so you would work on it. Unzoom the image and it will go back to the design on the t-shirt. See the image below to see where to click.Image of where to click to un-zoom design image and see it on the t-shirt.

How do I access my saved artwork?

Your saved artwork can be found under the “Edit Artwork” menu of the left side of the design area. Click on “Artwork,” and click on “My Saved Artwork.” See the image below.

Image of where to lick on Design Studio to access saved artwork.
How do I sign into my account?

Use the same process as accessing your saved art. To see where to click, see the image above. If you click on “My Saved Art,” then it will take you to your login page.

How do I switch between front and back of the t-shirts?

Use to “Select Print Location” one the left menu. See image below.

Image that show how to switch between front and back of t-shirt.